Easiest Energy Savings


For most homes the single biggest energy expense is heating and cooling.

It’s why your cooling bill skyrockets in the summer or your heating bill slams you in the winter. In most homes, space heating and cooling are 30-50% of the annual energy bill.

What Can You Do About It? Here’s the best bang for your buck–and it’s a cool solutions, too!

When nobody is home, heat and cool a few degrees less. This can drop your energy bill 5-15% annually. “Smart” thermostats can make these adjustments for you! They’re “smart” because they know when you are or aren’t there (they have motion or heat sensors that work quite reliably).

Several of our favorites are the basic-but-solid Emerson Sensi ($129), the robust Honeywell Lyric ($179) and the expandable Nest ($249).