Electric Vehicle Charging Tips: Alleviating Range Anxiety


As a new Electric Vehicle driver last year, my biggest challenge was range anxiety. What if I ran out of charge?!?

It’s a reasonable fear, but mostly because EV charging is new and unknown to most of us. In fact, veteran EV drivers report that with only the tiniest amount of planning you can not only avoid trouble, you can actually improve your productivity and happiness with stops to stretch your legs, grab a bite, and text or email. Below are further tips to put range anxiety in the rear-view mirror.

Get plugged into the main charging networks. Most of them have apps that will help you locate the nearest charger. Plus, you can set up your credit card in the app, so that when you need to use one of their chargers–ever–you can simply plug in then and stop worrying now. Some of the most common charging networks include:

  • Electrify America – Super fast charging.
  • ChargePoint – More likely for a few hours or overnight
  • SemaConnect – Many of these are at non-public apartments and workplaces, but in a pinch, who’s going to tell you no?

One small word of caution: While many large airports and public parking facilities advertise EV charging, they’re crowded. It’s dangerous to assume that you’ll get one of those spots. Know where a few of the nearest charging stations are off-site, and make sure that you will have enough charge when you return to your vehicle to get to them. Then you won’t worry!

Lastly, here’s a tip for the cost-conscious EV driver (we would never use the word “cheapskate”…). If your workplace has free charging, you probably know about it. But many colleges, universities and even public schools offer free charging, as well. If you’re staying near one, think about leaving your vehicle there for a few hours or even overnight.