Electric Vehicles: It’s the Experience


How different is driving an electric vehicle from driving a traditional car?

While the driving tasks are remarkably similar–you don’t need a different driver’s license for an electric vehicle–the experience is remarkably different. 

Most of the difference stems from the simplicity of an electric vehicle compared to a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. A great deal of the weight, space, noise and systems of a traditional car are all about the engine. The engine has to be fueled, cooled, lubricated and thousands of different parts work together: pistons, crank shaft, transmission, drive train, etc. Most traditional cars have at least five different fluids to manage (fuel, oil, coolant, transmission, brake…)

But an electric vehicle is far simpler with only dozens of comparable parts. It requires no cooling and almost no lubrication. The only fluid a driver adds to an electric vehicle is windshield washer. It’s quieter with less engine vibration. It’s roomier because the engine doesn’t take up much space. In fact, because an electric vehicle is so much simpler than an internal combustion engine, the whole design process becomes focused not on the vehicle but on the driver. 

The result? A very different kind of experience–one that most electric vehicle owners really love!