Killing 6 ‘Energy’ Vampires with 1 Stone


“Vampire” devices use electricity even when they’re not “on.” So unplug them when not it in use.

Or better yet, let one solution do the work for you: Most vampires are in your entertainment center. So put them all on a power strip, or better yet, a smart power strip with an internal timer. Let “smart” work for you!

The top 6 vampire devices in most homes, roughly in this order of blood-sucking, are:

1. Cable boxes – Especially the older ones. Note, however, that the cable box has to be on to DVR.

2. Computers – Sleep mode helps, but turning off is better.


3. Televisions – Flat screens are  big and beautiful and use twice as much energy as the old ones. Sorry.

4. Audio / video – Home theaters, iPod docking stations, Blu-ray players all suck when they’re “off.”


5. Game consoles – Ditto.

6. Digital picture frames – On all day every day? It adds up.

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